About Me


For more than 20 years, I have been helping my clients experience exotic and eclectic destinations around the world. As a travel agent, I believe it is my job to guide my clients through their destination and help them learn a little bit more about the world around them.

I design itineraries that allow people to immerse themselves in the culture and the flavor of their chosen location. My favorite destinations to book include:

  • Greece — This country allows people to experience everything that they read in their history books. They can walk through the temples that represent Greek mythology, or see the ancient ruins in Athens. I love to recommend day trips to Meteora, as this town offers the perfect combination of natural beauty, spiritual connection and historical insight.
  • Thailand — Bangkok is renowned for its beauty and culture, but I believe it should really be famous for its culinary concoctions. Thailand is the perfect place for a foodie to travel, as each dish is created with the freshest ingredients and most illuminating spices.
  • France — I often describe Paris as a boulevard that is lined with boutiques, museums, bistros and monuments. I always encourage my travelers to enjoy the afternoon like a Parisian, by sipping coffee quietly at a cafe and watching the world pass by around you.

I also am a certified Club Med specialist. For some clients, I book their trips to these fantastic resorts multiple times per year. My travelers appreciate the fact that I am willing to go above and beyond for them. I often book group trips to Club Med, and I make it a point to travel the resort at least two days prior to their arrival. I make sure that everything is set for them so that they can get their vacation started on the right note. I stay for a day or two once everyone has arrived and is settled in, and my clients appreciate the comfort, confidence and security that I provide them during this transitional time.

If you are looking for a unique experience that offers relaxation or adventure, or a combination of everything, I am the travel agent for you. Contact me today!