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Relax and discover a different way of traveling.
Let yourself be surprised by a cruise adventure! Club Med 2 is a unique travel experience in which you'll get to board on a stupendous sailboat. You'll never get tired of its perfect blend of idleness, activities and discoveries. You will be impressed by its decoration and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Don't hesitate any longer... lets sail away together!

Our Caribbean winter cruise

Creole Paradise
In the middle of winter, nothing is more precious than the Caribbean sun, its beaches, its flavors and its colors. During your cruise trip, the treasure hunt is open: discover paradisaical islands like Grenada, Marie-Galante, Curacao... or explore confidential stopovers like Panama. The Club Med 2 will make sure to bring you to the most beautiful sites and jewels of the Caribbean. Every day, you will discover new cultures and bring home new memories! Ready to escape the cold?

Our summer Mediterranean cruises

Sail as close as possible to the Mediterranean coast for an all-inclusive cruise. Discover the pearls of the Mediterranean: Italy, Corsica or Greece and its many islands. The rocks of the Meteors, the unmissable Santorini and its breathtaking sights, or Heraklion and its Cretan charm. The voyagers will stop over in the small islands of the Cyclades or in mythical cities like Calvi or Capri. Which place will you choose?

2021 Cruises

Transatlantic Spring - FORT-DE-FRANCE TO LAS PALMAS - View details
Canary Islands & Moroccan coasts - FROM LAS PALMAS TO MALAGA - View details
Spanish coasts and Algiers - FROM MALAGA TO NICE - View details

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