Trip to Seoul

Trip to Seoul

Travelling is one of my passions and I have been in different parts of the world but Seoul is a place that I believe is among the most beautiful in the world. It is filled with mountains, temples, amazing food and friendly people. The culture is so colorful and interesting. I went to Korean Folk Village where they showcase their traditional woodworking and metalworking techniques, traditional dances, equestrian skills, recreational activities and rich culture in that popular tourist destination and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

This was my first trip to Korea and thanks to Leonor and Castle Hill travel and tours for making it possible. The flights route was definitely well thought out as when I landed Korea – the maps and accommodation suggestions you made were a great help to travel and enjoy every bit of it.

Right off the bat- it was impressive to see their hospitality and service initialing right from the Seoul airport to the overall city tour. As per Leonor’s suggestion- I stayed at the, it is an amazing property to stay with, the location, hospitality and services were a warm welcome to a first time visitor. Continuing with her suggestion – I pursued my city trip in Seoul by joining the downtown tour – the tour is well designed and does provide a detailed description to its history and exciting fun facts. The tour takes a total of 2 hours however the ticket allows you to make multiple pit stops that you choose from to explore the different areas of interest.

To explore my passion for food and culture -As a pit stop I decided to stop by the Gwangjang market – it was a delightful experience, the variety of food and culture you get to see in this place is just phenomenal and the best part is the people as their willingness to indulge in an informative conversation and to help you understand the details is just spectacular.

Unfortunately my trip was limited for a day but overall all I can say – it was a delightful experience and thanks to Leonor to make it happen.

Mr Rolando Catahan

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